Открытое Акционерное Общество Холдинговая Компания «Якутуголь»
/11.11.2006/ Nerungri - FORGE OF OLYMPIC GOLD
Woman's Biathlon National Team headed by Valeriy Polkhovskiy, senior coach, completed training session in Nerungri and returned to Moscow last week to make a break before next training session. Last year Valeriy Kozhevnikov, Deputy General Director of OJSHC "Yakutugol", presented mascot, figure of Bayanay made of bone, to Senior Coach before the National Team left for Olympic games. Yakutian god brought luck to our team in competitions and this time our National Team left Nerungri with this mascot. We hope this time our biathletes will also have luck in games.
/06.11.2006/ Stocks of "Yakutugol" remain in Republic
October 31, Vyacheslav Shtyrov, the President of Sakha Republic (Yakutia) had a meeting with Vladimir Putin, the President of Russian Federation. The situation concerning several Yakutian enterprises was the main agenda in the meeting, including the stocks of OJSHC "Yakutugol". President of Russia said that balanced decisions should be made in order to resolve this problem and the Sakha Republic must not lose anything, especially profits, - commented the meeting the President of Sakha Republic (Yakutia). Additionally, Vyacheslav Shtyrov told about meeting with German Gref, Minister of Economic Development, Alexey Kudrin and Valeriy Nazarov, Head of Rosimuschestvo (Federal Property Management Agency), In course of the meeting both parties managed to come to agreement and find resolution of issue despite hot disputes. As for the stocks of Yakutugol, 78% remain in Yakutia. The same decision was made regarding stocks of "Elgaygol". "We must unite them and make one block for selling in stock sale auction. Construction of Berkakit -Tommot - Yakutsk railroad and developments in other projects will be financed by the proceeds of stock sale" - said Vyacheslav Shtyrov. These projects include provision of gas supply in Central Yakutia, construction of roads, airports and social facilities. Amicable Agreement also implies reporting to Federal Government for use of the proceeds, which must be completed in 2017" - said Yakutian president. Stock sale auction will take place in February next year. Vyacheslav Shtyrov expressed his satisfaction by completion of disputes around property of Yakutian enterprises. "Today the texts for Amicable Agreements are coordinated and ready for subscription. These texts contain the statements which do not leave a chance for different interpretation now and later on" - said the President of Sakha Republic (Yakutia). Amicable Agreements will be signed in November 15 in the Supreme Arbitration Court. All Amicable Agreement will be subscribed in pack according to another agreement reached.
/05.11.2006/ Hunting on new consumers
Recent days delegation of Holding Company "Yakutugol" headed by Roman N. Khudoliy, Executive Director, returned from business trip. The purpose of the trip was participation in Coaltrans Annual International Conference, but the main one was to find a market for coal release in 2007.
/10.10.2006/ Redeeming a promise
It is always pleasant when the promise is fulfilled in time. In beginning of August after the first modules of new PC 3000 shovel arrived in Berkakit railway station, specialists of Machinery and Repair Plant promised to assemble the shovel by the Miner's Day. It was obvious that the present will be ready in time. As a result of accurately arranged works in weekends and working days on Monday, August 21, in weekly meeting with General Director it was reported that all the main modules of the shovel were assembled and start-up of the diesel engine was expected in few days. In August 27 the representative of Komatsu Gemini Manufacturing plant is coming to check the work of specialists from Nerungri.
/22.08.2006/ Construction Rhythm
Construction of roofed football stadium is going on at a good bat. Despite foul weather a lot of work was done. First arched construction was delivered on Monday, August 21 and the constructors planned to mount the arched construction by the end of the month.
On the 15 of December in Moscow they considered the results of Russian Contest The Best Russian Enterprises - 2005. The leading coal mining company in Sakha Republic (Yakutia) - Holding Company Yakutugol was announced the winner among ТEC for prize Dynamic development. This Contest was arranged for the ninth time by Russian Union of Industrialists and businessmen (РСПП) and Export Institute under support of the government of the Russian Federation . The Contest The Best Russian Enterprises takes place every year and it is one of the authoritative and expert project of the modern Russia. Competitive selection is based on the method of complex evaluation of the state of economy of the enterprise , worked out by Expert Institute (EXIN-Rating), including analyses of financial and economic indicators, to be provided to the Federal Service of the State Statistics. The main goal of the Contest is to find the enterprises that reached the best indicators in economic and financial efficiency, and to bring attention of powerful enterprises to their experience and to consider them as beneficial objects for potential investors. Conquest in the reputable contest The best Russian Enterprises - is recognition of results of the activity of Yakutugol company, the indicator that the company contributes a lot into development of economy of Sakha Republic ( Yakutia).
In October Expert magazine published rating of the largest companies of Russia regarding volume of sales Expert-400. For the second time holding company Yakutugol was included into this reputable list of the best companies of Russian economics . Index of the leading coal company in Yakutia is 183 points with volume of sales in 2004 for the amount of 10 254,8 million rubles, whereas in 2003 volume of sales was 7 821,9 million rubles, growth rate within one year was 31,1 per cent. Balance profit of the company was 1 523,6 million rubles, net profit - 1 038,7 million rubles. Total 8 mining companies were included in this list, the biggest among them are: SUEK, Sibuglemet, Kuzbassrazrezugol, Yuzhkuzbassugol. Mechel company, the owner of 25 % plus one of the shares of Yakutugol, was on the 24th place with the volume of sales in the amount of 104 789,5 million rubles. From Sakha Republic (Yakutia) in rating there were two main mining companies: besides Yakutugol there was Alrosa, on the 25th place., mining diamonds and precious metal.