Открытое Акционерное Общество Холдинговая Компания «Якутуголь»
History of OJSHC "Yakutugol"

   "Yakutugol" Group was founded in March 1966 by the decree of the Ministry of Coal Industry of the USSR. At that point in time only several mining facilities were located on the territories of the present Sakha Republic (Yakutia) - "Sangarskaya" and "Chulmanskaya" mines, "Dzhebariki Khaya" captive mines, "Khangalasskiy" and "Zyryanskiy" open mines. All these facilities merged in "Yakutugol" Group. In 1967 "Sogo" mine, former affiliation of "Arcticugol", joined "Yakutugol" Group. Igor Perventsev, experienced specialist from Norilsk, was appointed as a General Director of the "Yakutugol" Group.
    At first, before "Yakutugol" Group was founded, all enterprises of Yakutia referred to Yakutsk Mine Engineering Office, then they were a part of Yakutsk Soviet Collective Holding and other departments of the gold, tin and diamond mining sectors. However the volumes of coal deposits and production capacity required setting aside the coal industry to make it independent sector with special-purpose head office and solid material and technical base.
   All these measures allowed stabilization of production in a short period of time and increase of production capacity in order to reach the rates of production plan. It also allowed promotion and development of cola-mining facilities' infrastructure through the reconstruction of mines. In December 1966 "Yakutugol" obtained independence in issues of coal export that brought about promotion of Coal Marketing Department. Staff policy was of a prime importance for the administration of our company so in first years of the "Yakutugol" Group's existence a lot of Mine-Engineering and Polytechnic Institutes of our country sent their graduates to Yakutia.
Foundation of Chulman Geological Exploration Crew enabled extensive and thorough exploration of deposits in South Yakutia . In August 1950 geological exploration team directed by Galina Lagzdina found coal layer on the bank of Nerungra River that was named "Pyatimetroviy" soon after. One year later one more layer was found by another geological exploration team directed by Lazar Minkin and named "Moschniy" soon after. In September 1963 open-cut mining commenced in explored deposits.

    In 1973 USSR State Reserves Committee certified coal supplies in Nerungrinskiy deposit. At that moment according to evaluation performed by the committee, "Moschniy" coal deposit contained 450 million tons of coal including coking coal. On the basis of geological exploration data and evaluation of State Reserves Committee. Central Committee of the Soviet Union Communist Party made a decision to set Coal mining industry in South Yakutia. In August 1974 first stick was punched in the area where Nerungrinsky mine is located for a time being. That event symbolized a new stage in development of coal-mining industry in Yakutia.
    Production capacity of coal basin in South Yakutia met all the needs of republic so it excluded necessity for mining low profit deposits. In 1972 "Chulmanskaya" mine was closed and in 1973 "Sogo" mine was also closed. In 1976 "Yakutugol" Groupo was transformed into Industrial Association.
In 1979 "Nerugrinskiy" mine was placed in service and occupied significant position in infrastructure of Industrial Association "Yakutugol". Sampling of the Merungrinskiy mine coal displayed that the half of the deposit consists of coking coal, therefore the first cubic meter of concrete for future "Nerungrinskaya" Washing Plant was placed near the "Nerungrinsky" mine in 1977. This greatly important facility was placed in service in a period between 1984 - 85. In the beginning of 1988 Machinery and Repair Plant specialized in repair works of mining equipment and machinery was placed in service.

    Transportations of the coal from Nerungrinsky mine commenced earlier before official opening. In 1977 first "Belaz" mining trucks had already been delivered to Nerungri setting a foundation for unique Motor Transport Depot (ATA). In September of the same year Motor Transport Depot received mining trucks produced by "Unit Rig" American company.

In 1994 Industrial Association "Yakutugol" was transformed into State Enterprise. In 1996 "Yakutugol" renewed its status having transformed into State Unitary Enterprise. In 1996 reorganization of Coal Industry involved "Yakutugol". In 1997 low profit "Sangarskaya" mine was closed and excluded from the infrastructure of State Unitary Enterprise "Zyrianskiy".

    In 2002 preparations for transformation into joint stock company commenced. In 2003 State Unitary Enterprise "Yakutugol" transformed into Open Joint Stock Company "Yakutugol" with 100% of State property and Holding Company. Since that moment the newest history of the company commenced. In January 2005 25% + 1 stock of OJSHC "Yakutugol" went to Steel Group "Mechel".