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    The repair plant is the structural branch of Open Joint Stock Holding Company "Yakutugol" and is established with a view to secure the repair of the mining, transport and washing equipment, and also manufacturing of spare parts for the enterprises of the South Yakutian coal complex and Sakha Republic (Yakutia).

Date of putting into operation: January 1988.
Area of the plant is 91 thousand m. sq
Basic production assets: (as of 01.09.2002) 580 million rubles
Number of employees: 1330 person
Annual volume of production (for 2002) 380 million rubles.

Structure of a factory

 The block 1
-Forging and thermal treatment shop;
- Mechanical machining shop;
- Welding shop;
- Assembly site;
- Site for repair of electrical equipment.

 The block 3
- Shop of machine tools with program control;
- Casting pattern site;
- Tool site;
- Site for mechanical repair;
- Electroplating branch;
- Site for repair of "U" parts;
- Site for repair of the washing plant equipment.

 The Assembly site is the specialized site for repair of the mining equipment, the Site for manufacturing of consumer goods, Oxygen station, Black oil station, the Site for making the rubber goods and plastic products.

The characteristic of production

Metallurgical production:
Metallurgical production is placed in two shops - foundry and forging shop, it provides:
-manufacturing of cast shapes of steel, pig-iron and non-ferrous alloys;
- manufacturing of forgings and realization of thermal and chemical -thermal treatment.

Foundry : Capacity of the foundry is 3500 tons of castings per year, including:
- 3200 tons of steel castings;
- 180 tons of pig-iron castings;
- 120 tons of non-ferrous alloy castings;
The steel is melt in electric furnaces. A line of steels are brought to the commercial level, and namely: carbon, low-alloy and high-alloy, manganese, cold-resistant steels, and also white and grey cast iron and bronze.
The maximal weight of steel casting - up to 8,5 t;
The maximal weight of pig-iron casting - up to 800 kg:
The maximal weight of non-ferrous casting - up to 800 kg.
The nomenclature of casting (download):
- Cases and covers of bearings;
- Idlers and rollers for shovels and rotary drill rigs;
- teeth of shovel buckets, dozer blades and rippers;
- linings, plates, the grids for mills and crushers;
- track pads for shovels and rotary drills;
- bronze bushings at the centrifugal machines 0 up to 320 mm, with length of up to 490 mm (weight up to 220 kg).
Quality of all castings is supervised in the central factory laboratory:
- the chemical composition is tested on the express " Belec Vario Lab " (Germany) spectroanalyzer, having the international certification;
- the mechanical properties - in laboratory of mechanical tests according to the appropriate GOST standards.

Shop for forging and thermal treatment:
Forging site.
The maximal weight of cast shapes - 320 kg, shaft bar - 750 kg.
The compressed air hummers of 5 kinds are installed, the weight of a falling unit of 150 up to 3150 kg.
Site of machine tools with programmed control
It is intended for automatic (under the digital program) machining of details such as the rotation parts having complex internal and external surfaces including cutting grooves by a cutting tool.

Shop for mechanical machining
The shop has the big fleet of the metal-cutting equipment:
chucking lathes, milling machines, drilling, boring machines, gear hobbers which allow to machine the details with length of up to 12 meters and diameter of up to 5 meters and to cut the gears with diameter of up to 3 meters and the module up to 50 mm.

Welding shop:
Welding works are performed In many shops of a factory, but there are only two specialized divisions:
the welding site and assembly site. In the constant nomenclature of welding shop of a factory there are such large and important units as booms, sticks, rotary platforms, shovel buckets of 16, 20 and 40 m3, dump truck bodies of 120 - 240 ton, details of steering and the suspension. Furthermore, the factory performs welding works while assembling and repairing at the repair sites of the mine as well as the special orders for repair and manufacturing of the equipment and steel-works from northern enterprises. The annual consumption of welding materials makes 70 tons. Except for universal manual arc welding the automatic and semi-automatic welding procedures are widely applied
- submerged arc surfacing, welding by a self-protective wire, 2gas-shielded arc welding, argon-arc welding by nonconsumable weld rod.
Application of welding automatic devices A - 1416 with M11070 manipulator and 1197, 510 semiautomatic devices in a combination with modern materials (powder filled wires, wearproof materials) allows to achieve the necessary mechanical properties of repaired and manufactured parts and units of mining and transport equipment. At a factory there is the laboratory for quality inspection of welding works and test of trial samples equipped with non-destructive testing devices and equipment for mechanical tests of welding samples. The equipment for non-destructive method allows us to inspect the quality of welds and continuity of metal using the magnetic-particles, ultrasonic, liquid penetration (visible eye penetration) and X-ray. The highly skilled testing personnel is working in the laboratory which have periodically the appropriate certification training in the certification centers of Moscow. The laboratory is certificated and has license.
The factory has the large fleet of the metal-cutting equipment. The overhaul of units for BelZ - 7519, BelAZ - 7521, " tsu HD - 1200 ", " Haulpak 830" dump trucks - gear boxes, wheel-motors, front beam, front and rear suspensions with manufacturing of new parts, manufacturing of dump truck bodies. The overhaul of NISSA - WARMAN 14/12 pumps, D - 60, D - 94crushers, PT2 - 24 feeder, 650, ZDND - 630, Z - 1615, RK - 500, Z2 - 1000 gear boxes, a "LIS" hydro cyclone , belt conveyors. The site for manufacturing of consumer goods makes: - tennis tables with laminate covering; - sports simulators; - basketball boards and rings; - volleyball racks; 5
- 7kg dumbbells; - 16, 24, 32 kg weights; - plastic products (reservoirs for storage of loose products, buckets, pans, a coat hanger, flowerpots, plates, housing parts for irons, vacuum cleaners etc.). Any rubber and plastic product in weight up to 2 kg can be designed and made.
Auxiliary departments:
Tool site.
The Industrial base and qualified personnel allow us to make the tool and equipment for own needs: - brazing of diamond substitute cutting tool (cutters, mills); - press tools for cold stamping with the plates sizes of up to 400500 mm; - the forms for rubber pars with the sizes of plates up to 400500 mm; - casting moulds for products of plastic with the sizes of plates up to 400500 mm; - various industrial equipment (conductors, mandrels, cartridges, the centers etc.); - to perform works on electro erosive machines. Electroplating site.
The equipment and arrays of a site allow to make protective, decorative and finishing coatings of details through a achromatizing, zinc coating, cooper plating and nickel plating of surfaces, and since IV quarter 2002 - repair of the worn out surfaces by a iron plating method.
The oxygen station. The designed capacity of 940 thousand m3 per one year allows us to cover not only tour gaseous oxygen and liquid nitrogen requirements but also to provide more than 70 consumers our area. It can be delivered upon request.

Thermal treatment site
We can perform the induction hardening, normalizing, hardening, (high - and low - temperature) tempering, carburizing.

Assembly shop:
The assembly shop of a factory performs the repair of the mining and transport equipment : shovels, bulldozers, dump trucks, engines (T-500 bulldozers engines), the equipment of washing plant.
The overhaul of D-108, D-109, D-110, D-116 crushers, manufacturing of the basic units and spare parts.


The overhaul of EKG - 15, EKG - 20, Marion 201, Marion 301 shovels and manufacturing the basic units and details. The overhaul of units of EKG - 15, EKG - 20, Marion 201, Marion 301 shovels, buckets, sticks, booms, gear boxes and undercarriage. Repair of units of T - 500, D - 355bulldozers: blades, MTU-396 diesel engines, repair of track chains for DM - rotary drill. It is possible to make the blanks of gears, housings, bearings, bolts, pins, shafts and bushings.

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