Открытое Акционерное Общество Холдинговая Компания «Якутуголь»

000 Joint venture "Erel"

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Sakha Republic (Yakutia),
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      From 1995 000 Joint Venture "Erel" performs mining work in area "Ugolny", and from 1998 additionally in area "Inaglinsky".
"Inaglinsky" is in the eastern area of Chulmakansky coalfield. "Inaglinsky" mine field is in the south-east of geological area of "Vostochny". The area of the coal reserve is in the form of the dissected relief. The important factor that influences the rock strength is permafrost.
Reserves of the Eastern part of Chulmakansky coalfield are 199 million tons , and out of them 24 million tons are kept in the fixed assets of ООО Joint Venture "Erel".
Coals to be produced in the Eastern area of Chulmakansky coalfield are as follows: "Zh", "KZh", "SS". Three seams are mined in the area of "Inaglinsky" : D11 seam , thickness 2,4m; D15 seam, thickness 2,0m; D19 seam, thickness 2,3m. Thickness of overlying rocks above seam D19 is at least 90m; between D19 and D15 it is 18m; between D15 and D11 it is 33m. The enterprise is also exploiting Eastern Chulmakansky coalfield . Area "Ugolny" is an opencast mine.
Area "Ugolny" is in the territory of Nerungrinsky area of Sakha Republic ( Yakutia) and it is 27 km to the north from Chulman.. The western border of the coalfield is along AYM road , the northern - along Chulmakan river, the eastern- along the valley of its right affluent Amutachi, south-eastern part- along the railroad Berkakit-Tommot, south-western- along the valley of Nalymakyt brook.
In geological structure of "Ugolny" there are coal deposits of Mesozoic age, occurring in the carbonate rock of the upper proterozoic and crystalline formations of archean.
In the open part of the mine 31 coal appearances were found , with thickness from 0,1m to 2,51m. Production coalfield in the seams D19, D11,d7-B, D7-H. In some areas seams D4 and D2 are of some interest or mining.
The average distance between the main is from 0,64 - 3,45 to 55-58m. The seam structure is both simple and complicated. In the interlayer there are aleurolites, argillites.
Based on the experience in mining in 1995-2005 the coals of the deposit can be considered as non caking coal but during long storage in piles it is caking.
Coals of "Ugolny" area coals with average ash content, low phosphorus and low sulphur. Consumers of the coal are Russian steel mills and power stations, also it is transported to Japan, South Korea. 58,6% of the coals from Chulmakansky coalfield goes for export, 38%-- to Russian, and 3,4%- for Yakutia. Commercial coal reserves of the mine as of 01.01.2006 are 20059 thousand tons, with annual coal mining - 600 thousand tons.