Открытое Акционерное Общество Холдинговая Компания «Якутуголь»

Sports and Health Care Center

Postal address:678960,
Sakha Republic (Yakutia),
Nerungri. Churapchinskaya str.

fax: (41147) 69259
fax(41147) 6-92-57
     Affiliate of OJSHC "Yakutugol" one of the largest health care centers in Sakha Republic, it has:

- General sports hall 60 m. х 40 m. with three playgrounds ( for mini-football, basket-ball, volley-ball ) with 960 seats. This hall is also used for concerts with additional 300 seats.
- Swimming-pool 25 м with three lanes.
- Indoor skating-rink with hockey ground ( from October to April) , 500 seats.
- stadium with the field for football , 3000 seats, 400 m track.
- Summer playgrounds for volley-ball, tennis and mini-football. The main task of the center is taking care of Yakutugol personnel health, as well as their families health. Here people can go in for sports, visit sauna, swimming pool. Being Yakutugol subdivision Health Care Center is planning their work with affiliates, making timing schedule for sports and entertainment arrangements.
In "Shakhtyor" sports center there are many sports grounds for kids:

-    - indoor football children's school "Concentrate", with 168 children learning to play football based on the experience of the main "Concentrate" team: 12 groups with total 240 people train in Concentrate. With the goal of improvement of professional level of the team Yakutugol management made the decision to switch over to professional contracts with the players.
This helps to maintain the make-up of the team and to conclude the long-term contracts.
Pupils of this school are the prize- winners of Republican and Regional championships thus attracting more and more children to the sports school.
- 198 people are playing ice hockey, and 20 boys and girls under school age are learning to skate ;
- Karate - 121 people. Participants of this school are champions and prize-winners of Russian competitions. In July 2004 at the III International Sports Games "Children of Asia" our children won three gold, two silver and one bronze medal in Taekwandoo;
- 251 boys and girls learnt to swim
- "Shakhtyor" Junior basketball team is repeated champion of the Republic, the winner of President's Cup in S.Petersburg, Champion of the Far East, participant of sports finals in Russia among the schoolchildren. The team is training together with the adults' combined team and together with them they played in championship of Russia for Basketball, 1st league, "Far East" division, thus gaining experience resulting in winning at the III International Sports Games "Children of Asia". Total 778 people go in for basketball. PO "Yakutugol" established "Shakhtyor" Sports Center for their branches. Today it is open not only for "Yakutugol" personnel, but for all people in Nerungri , suggesting swimming-pools, health care services, indoor skating-rink, universal hall. "Shakhtyor" does not produce coal, does not earn profit, but its goal is not less important- i.e. taking care of the people's health.

History of "Shakhtyor" sports center

At the beginning of 1983 when not all the stages of the mine were put into operation yet, the management made a serious decision to start construction of the sports center for the miners. Even at that time many different competitions took place in the sports hall of "Bogatyr" belonging to the construction company, but the miners had no sports hall of their own.

At that time construction company " Yakutuglestroi" had their own sports center and ski center. Among those who encouraged the idea of the miner's sports center were V. Klebanov, the director of the future sports center and V. Alexin, the chairman of the miners' trade union. The decision was to start from the football field. But at that time somebody found out that there was the hanger for the warehouse that had to be transported to Yakutsk. The decision was to leave this hanger in Nerungri. And it became the basement for "Shakhtyor" sports center. In April they arranged "subbotnik", people cut down the trees, prepared the grounds for the future stadium. So, that's how it started.
Very soon there appeared a project for indoor skating-rink. And a year later it was put into service. The skating -ring has natural ice , and it is open for skating from the middle of October to the beginning of May. There are all possible conveniences for people: cloak-rooms, buffet, hire of stock.
Then in 1987 the construction of swimming -pool started. This the two-storey building.
On the ground floor there are office premises and on the first floor there are 4 cloak-rooms, showers and the swimming-pool 25 х 13 m. In 1989 Health care center was put into service. It consists 2 saunas with swimming-pool 6 х 3 m, rest-room and hairdressers.
As of today sports center has universal hall for 1000 seats and 3 playgrounds. Floor cover was made on special l order by "Politan". The hall can be used for training at the three grounds at the same time. The ground suits for football, basket-ball, volley-ball, tennis, aerobics. Besides it can be transformed to the concert hall . There is also the hotel with 18 rooms, hall for karate-do, caf? and offices. Today this complex is the only one in Siberia and Far East. And the most important thing about it is the fact that the complex is open for all people living in Nerungri.
The sports center has got the highest qualification and it is included in the list as the place for international competitions and tournaments .